Started FFXIII-2

Finally got around to picking up and starting Final Fantasy XIII-2 the other day - I'd put off getting it for a while as FFXIII didn't really suck me in as much as I'd hoped (or was used to with an FF title). Given it a couple hours so far and it feels like a much more enjoyable game thus far - plenty of scope to explore, optional side-quests, access to the party from the get-go and early access to the Crystarium system.

I picked up the Asian Chinese/English edition on import, which comes with Japanese voice-overs and English or Chinese text, mainly because Serah is voiced by 寿 美菜子 (Kotobuki Minako) of K-On! fame (Tsumugi).

Anyway, enough rambling, hopefully the game will continue to grow on me. I really should stop starting new games though - still working on Ar Tonelico 2, Trails in the Sky, Lunar Silver Star Harmony, Hyperdimension Neptunia and Mimana Iyar Chronicle... geh, it almost sounds like work with a playlist like that ;)

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